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Giving Business an Edge

Welcome to Just 1 Step Ahead - We make it really easy for you to communicate with your customers (or members) and generate new contacts.

With personalised bulk Email and low-cost SMS - together with help with databases - your business or organisation will gain that vital edge. You'll always be Just 1 Step Ahead.

Bulk Email Sender

Send personalised emails fast to some or all of your contacts. Each person sees only their email address. Easy to set up and use.

Starts at only £4.95 per month +VAT


Say goodbye to going through your address book contacts one by one, or sending a mass impersonal text by 'Bcc'. With the Just1StepAhead Email Sender you compose one message and Email Sender personalises it for each contact in the group.

Each person thinks you've sent it just to them.

You upload your contact data to our platform, compose your email, merging the personalised data, press the 'Send' button and watch those emails get on their way!

Email is an inexpensive way of communicating information. Its disadvantage is that emails can be easily deleted without even being read. That is why we recommend you back up an email with an SMS. We also have advice for our customers about how to get emails opened and read, keeping you Just 1 Step Ahead.

Just1StepAhead Email Sender only costs £4.95 + vat per month and for that you can send up to 25,000 emails per month. It's a rolling subscription which you can cancel at any time. If you send between 25,001 and 50,000 emails in a month, we'll bill you £9.95 + vat the next month. Up to 100,000 emails, it'll be £14.95 next month. The subscription goes up and down according to how many emails you send in the previous month.

We'll even clean your data, up to 5,000 email addresses, free, when you subscribe. In fact, we insist on it.

Bulk Text Sender

Send personalised text messages about special offers or events and look out for instant results. International texts included.


Just1StepAhead Text Sender

With the Just1StepAhead Text Sender you compose one text up to 765 characters and Text Sender personalises it for each contact in the group. You press 'Send' and off they go.

According to the research, a majority of people actually want to receive texts about special offers, events, new deals from organisations they know and trust.

Research also shows that 96% of text messages are opened within 15 minutes of sending. It's a highly immediate medium with a huge return on investment. People will take action. You'll get phone calls or texts back within minutes and increased attendance at events.

You can send from an 11-character company name, but that means recipients cannot text you back, and these days customer relations is all about dialogue. That's why we give you the option of sending from a real mobile number so you can receive both texts and calls and start the conversation which leads to a sale. And if you want to receive incoming texts on your computer, check out our 'virtual' mobile numbers (VMN's) below Text Sender on the product page.

For businesses with more than one branch, Just1StepAhead allows you to integrate any number of different branch sending numbers to add yet another personal touch and generate more sales.

You buy credits at whatever rate you want and with Just1StepAhead, they never expire.

If your contacts' mobile phone numbers are not yet in a manageable form, you can turn them into a useable database with Just1StepAhead Database Maker. We also have advice about how to get the most out of text when you register with Just1StepAhead.

In addition, with Just1StepAhead you can text the UK and almost anywhere in the world at the same price *. How good is that?

* A text to a few countries will cost two credits because of high charges for incoming texts to one or more of their destination mobile phone companies. They are currently: Argentina (+54), Austria (+43), Belgium (+32), Bulgaria (+359), Finland (+358), France (+33), Germany (+49), Hungary (+36), Italy (+39), Ivory Coast (+225), Netherlands (+31), Romania (+40), Spain (+34).

Our Rates

From - To Price
10 (min-order) - 24 6p + VAT
25 - 49 5p + VAT
50 - 99 4.2p + VAT
100 - 249 3.75p + VAT
250 - 999 3.6p + VAT
1,000 - 9,999 3.5p + VAT
10,000 - 24,999 3.4p + VAT
25,000 - 49,999 3.3p + VAT
50,000 - 99,999 3.2p + VAT
100,000 And up 3.1p + VAT

Database Maker

Import or create your very own database. Easily gather all your contacts into one place and instantly send emails and texts.

Starts at only £4.95 per month +VAT.


With Just1StepAhead Database Maker you can import or create your very own database. We've made it easy to gather all your contacts into one place and instantly use them to send emails and texts. Even a beginner can get started at once.

When we speak to small business owners, ministers and directors of charities, and ask them where they keep their contact data, they often admit they don't really know. Let's be clear. Your customer or member data is your most valuable asset. Contacting them regularly builds that precious 'goodwill'. But you can't stay in contact with them if their details are all over the place.

Database Maker is going to help you bring all your email lists, phone contacts, physical address books and appointment books into one powerful place.

So what is a 'Database'? It's any list of people with their names, contact details and maybe a key marker arranged in columns. Each column is a 'field'. Each row is a 'record'. You can build one as a simple text file separating the 'fields' with commas or you can use a spreadsheet like Excel, and if you have the knowledge, go for it.

But if you aren't that geeky, help is at hand. The Just1StepAhead Database Maker easily allows you to import your contacts' email addresses and type in their mobile numbers. Data is saved on your computer and is immediately available for the Just1StepAhead Email and Text Senders. We even have a ready-made template so a total novice can start turning contact details into a professional database today. If you just spend two hours at your keyboard on the Just1StepAhead Database Maker with your mobile phone or appointment book by your side, you will have a couple of hundred records stowed in your database before you go to bed.

When you register at Just 1 Step Ahead you get access to our Tips & Guides which give you step-by-step instructions on how to import your contacts' email addresses from Address Book, LinkedIn or web-based email programmes. You can then save them safely on your computer or our secure server. And if you have those people's mobile numbers elsewhere, you can easily add a column and type them in. Now you can start using the Email Sender and Text Sender to let your contacts know how your new deal, special offer or great event will benefit them.

All of a sudden, you are Just 1 Step Ahead of all those who don't bother!

The Just1StepAhead Database Manager is £4.95 + vat / month and for that you can make a 12-column database of up to 5,000 records. It's a rolling subscription which you can cancel at any time. If you build up to between 5,001 and 10,000 records or add another six columns, we'll bill you £9.95 + vat the next month. Up to 20,000 records, it'll be £14.95 next month. The subscription depends on how big your database is.

Just 1 Step Ahead Database Maker is fully integrated with the Just 1 Step Ahead Email and Text Senders.

Flash Memory Pens

Keep your data backed up and secure. Shop around if you want but you won't beat these prices which include postage and packing.


Your contact data is your most important asset. You just have to keep it backed up. As in 'Must'. And because we keep saying that, we thought it best to offer you the actual products to enable you to do so. We could send you off to buy a flash memory pen elsewhere, but in a busy life it's just some annoying thing else to remember to do.

When we decided to stock flash memory pens we were determined to source and offer them at something near the lowest prices on the web (the reputable web, anyway), to fit the Just 1 Step Ahead approach of giving you the best deal we possibly can.

The M-Tec product is a very good standard memory stick which might just fit on a small key-ring, and it's available in 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb (subject to stock). For those who want to go a tiny bit further up the market we offer (subject to stock) the Kingston 16Gb and 32Gb data sticks. So that's backing up your data sorted.

Virtual Mobile Number

A normal-looking mobile number which receives texts as usual but conveniently displays the incoming messages on your computer.

Basic number and interface just £7.50 per month +VAT.


If you have more than a couple of hundred mobile numbers you are sending to, fielding incoming texts on a conventional phone can be time-consuming.

A 'virtual' mobile number solves the problem. To the recipients it looks just like a normal mobile number, so unlike five-digit 'short numbers' and premium numbers they know they can text back to your virtual number at their normal mobile texting rate.

Now here's the clever bit. The Just 1 Step Ahead VMN module displays the incoming messages on your computer screen a bit like email, and you can reply one-on-one as well, using your keyboard rather than those irritating phone buttons. How radical is that?

There is only one disadvantage with a VMN - it cannot receive calls. If anyone actually phones it, they will hear a message telling them they have 'dialled an incorrect number' or words to that effect. Just so you know.

By the way, when you send your first text from any number, tell the people who you are. Research shows that people want to receive texts from organisations they know and trust, so they will probably save your number and see it's from you next time you send.

Database Work

We provide a lot of free tips on databases in our members' area, but we also offer paid help entering or sorting out your contacts if you need it.


Our products have been designed to be easy-to-use (what the geeks call 'intuitive') and there is a lot of written help on our product pages. There is so much free advice on starting and maintaining databases and importing and gaining contacts in our members area that you probably won't need our paid help. You may be too busy or just lack the confidence to set up a Facebook page or a basic website or perhaps you need help sorting out your shop or your contacts.

So if you need any help getting started, collecting your email addresses and mobile numbers from all over the place, setting up a Facebook page, or a shop, we are happy to do that. If you need assistance entering or sorting out your data, we are happy to provide that too.

We charge just £13.75 +vat per hour for basic data entry and £27.50 + vat per hour for design work or organising data and you will get your money's worth. One hour of data entry will probably cover 200 entries of first name, last name and mobile number, while one hour of data organising will cover quite a bit of sorting out of data you have already entered or imported. As soon as we receive your order, we'll email you to ask when you are available. Then we'll call you and get started. Alternatively, ring us on 01267 667668 or 07944 668809 for a chat or a quote.

  • * In a busy world and challenging economic times you need an edge over the competition.
  • * If you are in business, you need to increase sales by letting your contacts know about your special offers and new deals.
  • * Or perhaps you run an organisation or club and want to build membership and attendance at events.
  • * We reckon it's simple - it's just about keeping in touch with customers and members.
  • * We'll help you do that easily and quickly with personalised bulk Email and Texting, the most cost-effective advertising media available.
  • * Big businesses use these methods, and now with Just1StepAhead smaller enterprises can do it - and do it better.
  • * We'll help you transform your existing contacts into a powerful database and show you how to generate new and vital lists of prospects.
  • * If you are stuck, we'll even help you get your contact data into shape.
  • * Just1StepAhead - giving business an edge. Keeping you Just 1 Step Ahead.

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