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About Us:

Just1StepAhead gives your business or organisation an edge in a tough world by keeping you in touch with customers, members and prospects.

Never before have an Email Sender, a Text Sender and a Database Maker been brought together in one place, let alone provided in such an easy-to use, affordable format.

Just1StepAhead shows you how to gain contacts, organise your contact data and prosper by letting people know what you are doing - you can even use our products to keep in touch with friends and family.

Money well spent

At the delivery end, our Email and Text Senders work in tandem to tell your contacts about your new deal, special offer or great event.

No more sending emails anonymously by Bcc. Say goodbye to going through your mobile contacts one by one, or sending a mass text. Easily personalise your messages by merging the 'salutation' and other fields, hit the 'Send' button and watch the results come in!

The research shows that the return on investment (ROI) of Email and Text Marketing is the best of all advertising media. That is because you are doing the telling rather than paying someone else (eg a newspaper or a radio station) to do it.

Organising data

Your contact data is uploaded to the Just1StepAhead Email and Text Senders as a 'Comma Separated Variable' file. If you already have your data in that form, fine. But if not, the Just 1 Step Ahead Database Maker will give you the power to make your own list of your friends, relatives and business associates, with their names, email addresses and mobile numbers and make it immediately available for other Just1StepAhead applications.

We'll show you how to collect your contacts' address details from Address Book, web-base email programmes or wherever and import them into your own secure easy-to-use database.

(Apart from the convenience, there is a data-security reason for extracting your data out of email address books. If you are ever hit by a hacker, they'll send out a begging email to all your contacts and then delete them. Once they have done that, you cannot email anyone on your mailing list. But if you previously saved your data you can send out a quick email backed up by a text to all your contacts warning them. You will be Just 1 Step Ahead of the hackers.)

Hints and Tips

When you sign up you gain access to all our tips on how to run a successful Email or Text campaign. We answer questions like these:

How do you get your email to display properly, and how do you get it read?

How do you make the most of the 160 characters you have in a standard text?

What's the advantage of dialogue with customers over 'shouting' at them?

Just 1 Step Ahead gives you the edge

With all this power at your command you'll immediately be getting your message across fast, accurately and professionally.

You will be keeping in contact with your customer or member base, and you will be surprised how few of your competitors are doing the same.

It's tough out there right now. You need an edge. Just1StepAhead gives you that edge.

It's time to get Just 1 Step Ahead.

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